He Is Within Reach

The scriptures are a real part of my life. Most days I’m David battling one Goliath or another, or I’m Mary at the feet of my Savior learning his counsel. Some days I’m Nephi staring stalwart and defiant in the face of my weaknesses declaring ‘I know in whom I have trusted’. Some days I’m the woman who washed the Savior’s feet with her tears. And some days I’m the woman who in desperation reached through the throng of the masses to touch the hem of His garment to be healed.

He Is Within Reach

Lately I’ve found myself reaching out in sheer desperation. Sometimes because I’m weak, sometimes because I’ve done something stupid, and sometimes, just to shake things up a little, it’s a daring combination of both.

So I’ve found the greatest comfort from this picture. I don’t know who the artist is , but aside from the fact that the image is stunning, I know every time I look at it, that there is hope yet. He is always within reach!

I can’t pretend to fully understand how mercy works, but I do know that it does.

As the words of Edward P. Kimball’s hymn ‘God Loved Us, So He Sent His Son’ says:

Oh, love effulgent, love divine!

What debt of gratitude is mine,

That in his off’ring I have part

And hold a place within his heart.

My Shepherd loves me. Restores me when wandering, redeems when oppressed.

I know this of a surety. How blessed I am to know!


Question: How do the scriptures come alive in your life?

Challenge: Pay attention to the tender mercies of the Lord in your life and keep a record of them in your journal.


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