A Kiss As My Crown

I was sitting in Sacrament meeting today listening to my friend share a talk on hastening the work of the Lord. It was a wonderful talk filled with humor and hope. She was sharing some ideas for how we can be better at hastening the work, one of the suggestions being that we should inquire of the missionaries the names of their investigators and familiarize ourselves with them if they are at church, and a statement she made was : Until you know someone’s face and name, you can’t know their heart. When I heard that, my mind was immediately turned to the lesson I was about to give in Relief Society about ‘Our Father in Heaven’.

I thought to myself, there are a myriad of scriptures that tell us how perfectly our Father in Heaven knows our hearts, which in turn led me to the next logical thought of how perfectly he must know my face and my name! I can’t explain why, but that thought had me overwhelmed with joy. I’ve always known that to be the case, but the way in which the idea was reinforced in my mind was absolutely incredible! How grateful I am for that witness of the Spirit in that moment!

As I thought these thoughts, my mind turned to what my parting from Heavenly Father and Pre-mortality would have been like. A poem started to materialize in my mind and I quickly wrote it down before it could escape me. This is what I imagined that bitter-sweet parting would have been like:

A Kiss As My Crown

‘Go, my child. You can do this.’

Reluctantly He released my hand from His.

A piercing look, brimming with love and pride

From eyes full of wisdom, where eternities abide-

Spoke to me of confidence in my ability to succeed

In all the tests He prepared for me – just as we had both agreed.

A Father’s heart trembled knowing the necessity

Of a trial by fire to gain eternal felicity.

A final embrace, pulled close to His heart,

Before the need for progress pulls us apart.

His parting gift, a kiss on my brow

I wear as a crown in the here and the now. ©

I shared this with the class, and I share it with you now. My hope is that every single person in this world will know with complete certainty that God our Father lives and loves us with an indefinably individual love. I know this to be true through His innumerable tender mercies in my life. All things testify to me of His reality.

How does your knowledge of a living Father in Heaven make you feel?